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So what's up?

Is anyone still on this?

So you know that you are never on your own

"So you know you are never on your own."

Wow. Isn't just absolutely amazing what a hug can do? Such a simple thing can mean ssssoooo much.

So I got to see my Daddy today. I got a hug. Tis exactly what I needed. I mean no matter how alone or depressed, or whatever it is, it is good to know that Dad will always be there. He will always love me no matter what. Dads are amazing creatures. I don't know why God blessed me with such a kick ass one, but I am very thankful.

So yea, that is pretty much it.


WTF is going on tonight?!


I am so confused....
I am in such a bitchy mood lately. Uggghhhh. Stupid stuff that I would normally be able to control is like annoying the hell out of me. It is driving me insane.

I wish I wasn't so moody all the time. I wonder if I actually did something about my anxiety and such if that would help with my moodyness. Eh. I am sorry if I can be handful. Thank-you for dealing with my mood swings and bitchness.

The birthday was fairly good. Started a bit rocky...and was a bit uneventful and anti-climatic. I still have to have my birthday dinner w/ friends in the Burgh. Maybe this weekend. Unless of course everyone is still driving me insane.

So I was reading up on my Sangria. First link I click on states something like the following "The purpose of Sangria is to get drunk, and get drunk cheaply." haha. Thanks for that news flash, I knew that and knew it well.

My family came over this past weekend. I enjoyed having them. Saturday night was alot of fun! I took the family down to Hard Rock and we had my birthday dinner. I got a screwdriver. And had to stand up in front of the whole resturant. LOL. And then we went up the incline. It was SO nice. I really enjoyed spending that time with me. I got my ring too. It is AMAZING! So beautiful.

I think i am gonna drop my audit in the morning. I just can't deal with that and everything. I want to take it up yea no.
Well I am 21 now.

What a novel idea.


Yea that is all for now.

Aug. 22nd, 2006

Okay I must this...Jelena is freakin awesome. She better be goin' to BG for grad school because we will have a blast there.

So yea...I wish I could just go live with Natalie and Cheryl...stupid lease.

Cheryl is staying with me for a few days. This weekend is gonna have a full house this weekend. My house is a mess since Alex is still moving out. People are getting stuff out of storage. And such things. But it is all good.

Yea, so I work one day this week. WTF? This totally sucks.

Umm yes...Ikea is awesome. All I have to say is Armenian boys...

Yea that is pretty much it...



Aug. 13th, 2006

I am so utterly fustrated. I have no idea what the hell is going on with housing. ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHH.

Yea. I really just want to get this year over with asap. I just want to be done and come home. I am so sick of all this. I really am.


Pray for me. I really need prayers right now.
May I just be the first say that Karma is a huge BITCH! Yea.
Yea. I am offically screwed.

Why am I so stupid? Please tell me...why? I am just a foolishly stupid girl.

yea...i am starting to get upset.
How do I even begin...

Well the job that i interviewed for basically kinda sucks...it looks as if i will have to work holidays...i guess it is time to call campus and see if i can get a on campus job.

oh the big news: yea, Bryan isn't moving in...yea...I am oddly like "eh" about it. It is odd. The poor boy though...he was scared to death to call and tell me. haha. who knew i could be so scary? So now I must find a new room-mate. I am hoping Mary's mom will allow it. I am praying for it.

On the upside:I don't need to go to work tonight...and i think i found a sofa. $50 @ Salvation Army.

So eh. I think I might go see a movie tonight.